The REMA DRUMGRAB is self-centering and keeps hold of the drum under any circumstances. This is enabled by the resilient pressure on the especially designed polyurethane-spring. Furthermore, the REMA DRUMGRAB has highly alloyed steel bolts and anchorages, it is able to safely withstand unexpected shocks caused by collision, bouncing or swinging.

REMA DRUMGRAB (WLL) work load limit: 1000 Kg

Attaching the DRUMGRAB on a drum is quick and easy. Place the orange arms over the rim and press the movable blue lifting-arm over the other side of the drumrim. As mentioned above, the DRUMGRAB is self-centering and due to the polyurethane spring it will not come off a closed drum unless you want it. You can loosen the DRUMGRAB in the reverse order, by pressing and moving the movable blue arm off the drum.

The DRUMGRAB is operational on the open sea, uneven ground or lifting flatlaying drums covered in oil and grease. It is ideal for lifting a drum out or in between a cluster of drums and not have to restack all others. The DRUMGRAB is suitable for 220 liter steel and synthetic drums with a drum collar diameter between 570 mm and 610 mm.

  • Extracting a drum amongst a cluster, saving time and effort to restack drums
  • Effortless, quick and safe securing of 220 liter steel and synthetic drums
  • Convenient hoisting of horizontally laying drums to an upright position
  • Easily transport empty drums manually by the swivel lifting eye
  • Ideal for both horizontal and vertical lifting or lowering
  • Light and portable, the DG10 weighs 8 Kg
  • Self-centering
  • Tested in accordance with AS 4992-2004
  • Chemical resistant polyurethane spring
  • Safe working load up to 1000 Kg
  • Test load of 1.5X W.L.L.
  • Heat treated cast steel
  • 360° swivel lifting eye
  • Safety factor of 5
  • Waste processing industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Transport industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Food industry
  • Oil industry
  • The DRUMGRAB video is intended to give an overview of the capabilities and easy use of the product.

    This movie was made by REMA Holland b.v. Maastricht, the Netherlands, without the assistance or endorsement of other companies or trademark owners visible in this movie, all rights reserved REMA© 2014.

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      REMA offers an extended range in both manual- and electrohoists ranging from 125Kg up to 25.000Kg.

      Besides that REMA offers ratchet hoists, power pullers, wire rope hoists, accessories for hoisting purposes and custom builds upon request.


      REMA offers an extended range in lifting equipment ranging from liftings jacks, webbing or wire rope slings, chain slings & shackles, lifting clamps, magnets, vacuum lifters and accessories or attachments for other REMA products such as pallethooks.


      REMA offers an extended range in internal transportation solutions ranging from lifting tables, workshop cranes, tresles, pallet trucks, winch stackers, roller cariages and a lot more.

    • SAFETY

      REMA offers complete personal safety sets which meet the requirements of the European norm EN-363.

      These systems are for retaining persons as well as for reducing the arising forces.

      The section of safety equipment includes retaining straps, lanyards, fall dampers, working ropes, fall arrest, positioning hip straps but also ladders, aluminium tri-pods and other accessories.


      The spare part department of REMA is catering to the spare parts requirements of all our customers and dealers. The parts warehouse holds stock of more than 3,500 different spare parts required for service and repairs of most of our products.

      REMA is an authorised, EKH-certified inspection body for hoisting and lifting product-inspections inside the Netherlands. In order to ensure very minimal down time and keep our customers productivity-levels high, a quick response in repairing malfunctioning products is vital.

      REMA keeps things up to date with suppliers. This enables us to provide instant pricing, availability and lead-time of any crucial or non-available parts. The REMA spare part division knows what is required to keep products up and running.

    • FAST


      REMA understands the pressure placed on suppliers and therefore keeps a large stock in order to avoid unnecessary waiting times turning into expensive periods of non productivity.

      Available upon demand, REMA transports its products directly to you from its warehouse in the Netherlands, France or Hungary.


      NO exception,

      Since its foundation in 1951, REMA has expanded into one of the largest and most specialised companies in industrial hoisting and lifting. Safety and reliability are the most important aspects in the hoisting and lifting industry and form REMA’s number one priority.

      In order to live up to client expectations, REMA has committed itself to A-grade products only and assures fast delivery times in line with the stringent demands placed on suppliers.

      REMA Holland b.v. is an Accredited Supplier of Hoisting and Lifting Equipment (EKH) and is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. All our products are CE marked.

      Quality products, know-how, 60 years of experience and a focus on service make REMA your reliable partner.



      REMA offers a wide range of lifting and hoisting equipment, internal transportation solutions and safety protection. The attention paid to ergonomic design in the production process results in high quality products. REMA products are valued for their lifetime long durability. A large section of the product range is sold under the name of REMA.

      In addition to its extensive basic range of products, REMA offers assembled products and tailor-made solutions.

      The picture above only represents a small portion of what REMA has to offer, click on the button below for the latest catalogue.


      REMA is constantly seeking for product improvements and innovation. A new member to the hoisting category is the all new beta-serie. The beta serie includes an electric powered chain hoist that is easy to carry around.

      The beta hoist is a compact hoisting solution, its low-weight body and the galvanised grade 100 weight-saving chain makes it ideal for work on the way.

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